Coffee Shop Etiquette

Both as a student and professional, I have spent a lot of time working in coffee shops. Comfy chairs, the smell of espresso and pastries, relaxing music… why do people have offices at all? Oh yeah, because loud or just plain annoying people can destroy your work environment in seconds. Want to avoid being one of the obnoxious ones? Follow these rules:

Do not:

  1. Have your cell phone ringer on, have a long or loud cell phone conversation, or Skype. Ever heard of vibrate people? I understand forgetting you have your ringer on and quickly grabbing your phone, but after the fifth time it rings in a quiet environment, turn that thing off! I also understand that sometimes it is necessary to answer the phone, even when people around you are trying to study or work, but do you really have to yell? Finally, don’t Skype in public. It is always annoying.
  2. Watch videos or play audio without headphones. This seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it happens. I know you are studying with friends and you HAVE to show them the hilarious video of a chihuahua dancing, but PLEASE just send the link so you guys can laugh about it later.
  3. Sing along with the music. No way this actually happens, right? Wrong. This happens more than you would think. People get extremely comfortable at their regular coffee shop and obviously forget they are in public as they sing along with Cat Stevens and other would-be-soothing tunes.
  4. Bring a baby, toddler or small child unless you have had their vocal chords removed and have taught them to cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze and cough. I hope not to offend all parents with this one because of course not all children are evil and not all parents are oblivious, but many, many are.

Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest. What is the most annoying thing you have seen in a coffee shop?

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Etiquette

  1. Love you girl… Glad you’re handling it with laughter rather than some other emotion. People who disagree with what you written are people who have zero consideration for the ones around them. Not uncommon… See it in theaters, libraries, coffee shops, malls, etc. Hang tough girl. :)

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  3. Common courtesy should always be practiced in any public place. This goes without saying. You should be realistic however. A coffee shop is not your personal office. There will be distractions. That’s life. These are not places to camp out at for hours on end while you work on the Great American novel or whatever.

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